The results of the "construction" of the road on Mount Klementyev
The results of the "construction" of the road on Mount Klementyev

Who is the next “victim” of the occupiers?


Crimea has always been a place of picturesque landscapes, endless sea horizons, parks and forests with fresh air and plants from the Red Book, and mountains that impressed with their majesty and beauty.

But how difficult it is to continue to observe the beauty of Crimean parks, capes, mountains and cultural monuments, when every day they become less and less, and new entertainment centers and elite high-rises – more and more! What will happen if the occupiers decide to destroy everything reminiscent of the past, thereby destroying hope for the future?

Since 2014, when the Russian Federation took over Crimea, the situation with the state of Crimean museums, cultural and architectural monuments of Crimea, as well as natural monuments has deteriorated significantly, and it is unknown what will happen if no one stops this “locust invasion”. on ecology and natural resources of the Crimean peninsula. According to some scientists, another 2-3 years of such unrestrained conquest of the Crimean heritage and monuments – and we will forever lose the Crimea as a historical and cultural center, a natural and climatic resort of world importance.

In 2019, this problem reminded itself of new buildings, destruction and disasters. At a time when you need to listen to the words of activists and public figures, think about the future of Crimea and its historical and cultural significance, the occupying power, represented by local officials who allocate land for business, thinks only about satisfying their own interests.

Thus, in August 2019, information appeared on local websites about the possible construction of the territory of the Sorrowful Mother Memorial at the site of mass shootings during World War II in the Marshal Zhukov district, on the 2nd kilometer of the Simferopol-Mykolayivka highway. It was here in 1970 that the remains of 1,480 people were found – prisoners of the concentration camp shot by the Nazis, located on the territory of the state farm “Red”.

In this concentration camp, people were brutally exterminated, poisoned, starved, beaten with whips and wires, burned at the stake, forced to watch the death of their loved ones, even harnessed to carts instead of horses! The memorial, erected in memory of those killed in the concentration camp, was erected in 1973 along with a specially planted park.

They have long wanted to destroy this memorial. The developers had in mind both the registry office and the sports and entertainment complex. But this time the decision was made “in favor” of the hotel complex. The decision impresses with its cruelty and cynicism – to build a hotel complex on the bones of exhausted people, in the cemetery of war victims! Instead, there is no specific information on who decided to commit such an inhumane crime. But Simferopol residents living in the neighborhood near the memorial are convinced that this is the idea of ​​the government, which relied on the irresponsibility of officials.

New buildings of the Parkovy residential complex near the Salgir embankment in Simferopol
New buildings of the Parkovy residential complex near the Salgir embankment in Simferopol

A similar story affected the embankment of Salgir, located in the heart of Simferopol. This promenade is extremely important for citizens, because it is the best walking area where you can breathe fresh air and have a good time. On May 3, 2019, high-rise buildings are being built there, which do not “fit”

The decision to build was made without any logic at all: the law on the water protection zone of rivers is violated, any ecological safety is violated, there is a risk of deterioration of oxygen quality, because buildings on the river bank will have “eternal rush hour”! But the construction company Greenwood has all the necessary permits. As well as the construction company “Professionalstroy”, which is building a residential complex “Parkovy” 20-25 meters from the embankment of Salgir.

The results of the "construction" of the road on Mount Klementyev
The results of the “construction” of the road on Mount Klementyev

And on August 7, 2019 Simferopol residents witnessed the beginning of construction in the park. Taras Shevchenko in Simferopol entertainment center just 10 meters from the playground. The building plot, which was allocated in July 2019, is being developed by Design Stroy LLC. However, it is unknown who owns this object. A representative of Design Stroy did not answer the questions of local residents who were interested in legal and administrative aspects related to the construction of the park. The “administration” of Simferopol, in turn, also did not comment on whether the law allowed the allocation of the park for construction.

The destruction of historical monuments and cultural heritage is not the only problem in today’s Crimea. Trees and plants protected by the Red Book also suffer from the cruel hands of developers. One of the latest victims is Mount Klementyeva, where, from the Feodosia-Koktebel route to Mount Koklyuk, a tractor destroyed about 6 kilometers of soil cover 25-28 meters wide, turning the land with snowdrop bulbs that have already begun to bloom and uprooting trees. shrubs, destroyed a huge number of rare and red-listed plants. All this took place within the specially protected natural area “Uzun-Syrt Aeronautical Complex, Klementyeva Mountain” on January 31, 2020.

The results of the "construction" of the road on Mount Klementyev
The results of the “construction” of the road on Mount Klementyev

Local activists and public figures began ringing the bells as soon as they learned of the disaster. The reason for the destruction of the soil cover was the construction of a road from the route Feodosia – Koktebel to the top of Mount Koklyuk. Destroyers of the Crimean nature were not stopped by the fact that this construction will take place on the territory with the nature protection status. This problem is growing to an incredible extent because the entire route to the Gliding Center is covered with destroyed trees and shrubs, of which there were not many on the mountain, so they were closely monitored and supervised.

The question arises: who is the next “victim” of brutal construction? Which cultural or natural monuments of the Crimean peninsula are next to be destroyed? And is it possible to resist this barbarism?

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Karina Khramchenko

3rd year student of the specialty "Journalism" of TNU V. Vernadsky

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