«Муфтій Криму» Еміралі Аблаєв отримує медаль «За звитяжну працю» від «голови республіки Крим» Сергія Аксьонова. Липень 2015 р. Джерело:

“Muftis of the Moscow Patriarchate”: support for the war against Ukraine in Russian Muslim circles


Both before the start of the armed aggression against Ukraine and during its conduct, the head of the terrorist state, Vladimir Putin, for a long time tried to build a certain ideological base under it. One of its concentrated manifestations was a pseudo-historiosophical essay on the “primordial unity” of Russians and Ukrainians, which was made public in the summer of 2021 and which is still being studied in the Russian armed forces as if it were holy writing. An indispensable element of the triad of “spiritual ties”, which includes “autocracy” and the army, is the Orthodoxy of the Moscow branch, embodied in the dominant Russian Orthodox Church headed by the so-called “holy patriarch of Moscow and all Russia” Kirill, who actually blesses his flock to the “holy war against gay parades”, which the occupied regions of Donetsk and Luhansk regions have been resisting for the ninth year, and which have become the reality of “Nazi” Ukraine. However, it is necessary to explain the need to die for the “faith, tsar and fatherland” to those representatives of the “deep people” who profess other religious or worldview dogmas.

It is clear that Kirill, although outstanding, is not the only “moral authority” of modern Russia, which is driving itself deeper and deeper into global self-isolation like the North Korean “idea of ​​Juche”. It would be naive to believe that the “bunker leader” does not realize this – who has secured the support of the rest of the pocket “spiritual leaders”, primarily those who present a religion that also occupies a strong position in the aggressor state.

After Putin in February 2022 announced the recognition of the “independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics”, one of those who called this decision “the only correct one” was the head of the Spiritual Administration of the Muslims of the Russian Federation and the Council of Muftis of Russia Ravil Gaynutdin, who made the following statement from all followers of Islam on the territory of the Russian Federation.[1] However, already on the day when the Kremlin grandfather gave the order for a full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine, Gainutdin, who in 2015 received the “Order of the Republic of Crimea “For Loyalty to Duty” from the hands of the “head” of this “republic” Sergey Aksyonov[2] , called on all people of good will to pray for the “establishment of peace in Ukraine”.[3]

A much more radical position was taken by another spiritual leader – the head of the Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia (CSUMR), the Supreme Mufti of Russia, Sheikh-ul-Islam Talgat Tajudin. On February 24, 2022, he signed a statement based on the results of the extended plenum of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of Ukraine, in which it was stated that the population of Donbass had been “systematically exterminated by the Ukrainian authorities with the assistance of the US, which supported neo-Nazis” for 8 years, while Russia “did everything possible to resolve the situation by political means” means”. The leitmotif of this low-grade agitation in the spirit of Russian agitprop was the declared support on behalf of the Central Committee of Ukraine, 20 regional administrations and more than 2,200 communities of “official recognition” by Putin of “L/DNR” and the conduct of a “special operation” by the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine – with the aim of “self-defense of Russia from threats from the side of the Western world”.[4] A month ago, on March 25, Tajudin signed a fatwa (conclusion) of the Majlis of the Council of Ulemas of the Central Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, in which it was announced that all Russian Muslim servicemen who died during Russia’s war against Ukraine are shahids – that is, “righteous martyrs” who fulfilled their “sacred duty “bonds of protection of the motherland” and “gave their lives for the peace and happiness of Russia and the world”.[5] On March 18, 2022, during the mass celebration of the anniversary of the “accession of Crimea to Russia”, Tajudin made a propaganda speech, declaring, among other things: “There are no former compatriots, and we do not abandon ours”.[6]

At the end of August 2016, Talgat Tajudin, as well as “Patriarch” Kirill, became the addressees of the appeal of the then archbishop, now Metropolitan of the Simferopol and Crimean OCU Klyment, with a call to do everything possible to release Ukrainian political prisoners in the territory of Russia and occupied Crimea. The reaction of the Central Ukrainian Orthodox Church to this appeal by the Crimean bishop is unknown – but within a month, the Moscow Patriarchate managed to write a banal “letter” in which Bishop Kliment was called a “representative of a schismatic religious structure” and also outlined the “peacemaking” position of the Russian Church regarding the “fratricidal conflict in the east of Ukraine”.

An equally active “war hawk” in the Russian Muslim community is currently the mufti of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia (DZMR), the spiritual administration of Muslims of Moscow and the central region, the spiritual administration of Muslims of the Chuvash Republic, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Albir Krganov. Like two previous “colleagues”, he supported the recognition of the “independence of the republics of Donbas”; at the same time, the DZMR, headed by him, declared that the “accession of Crimea to Russia” made it possible to “save the people of the republic from bandits, whose actions were aimed at inciting inter-ethnic and inter-confessional enmity”.[7] On March 2, 2022, Krganov called Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine a “forced measure” and saw its cause in the events of the Revolution of Dignity, when Ukrainians allegedly “took away the right to govern their own country and gave the levers to external political forces.” “We cannot allow a new wave of fascism to arise on the bones of our grandfathers from the territory of the fraternal republic. Muslims all over the world are now praying for peace in Ukraine and for Putin, who has taken upon himself the great responsibility to fight back against the Americans in Ukraine, and perceive Russia’s operation in Ukraine as a struggle between good and evil on the scale of all humanity,” he said.[8] On March 11, in his column in the Russian publication “Business Online”, Albir Krganov expressed his conviction that Russian Muslims should wish their homeland victory (apparently over Ukraine) and perform military duty to protect its sovereignty (but for some reason they do it on the territory other states) – especially during the “civilizational confrontation between Russia and the West, which with fire and sword will continue to interfere in the internal affairs of many countries together with its puppet master – the USA” (?!).[9]

Not only abroad, but also in Russia itself, the mentioned religious figures, like some others, are not perceived as bearers of Islamic knowledge and beliefs. Sometimes they are called either “employees of the Putin regime in turbans”, or in general “Muslims of the Moscow Patriarchate”. However, both they and persons with authority in the Russian Muslim world took part in the All-Russian scientific and practical conference on spiritual service and the social mission of religious organizations during the formation of the all-Russian civil identity of Russian Muslims (for which the Putin administration provides considerable grants) , which took place in Vladikavkaz (North Ossetia) on March 16, 2022. By and large, this event was held in order to develop a joint statement in which the leaders of Muslim religious organizations supported Putin’s decision regarding the war against Ukraine, calling it… “defensive” (!!!). As an argument, lines from the Koran were given – “When someone wrongs you, you also wrong him, just as he wronged you” (sura 2 “The Cow”, verse 194) – although something cannot be remembered when it was Ukrainian soldiers who fired missiles at Russian cities and committed genocide against the civilian population there. The statement noted that today Muslims from various regions of Russia as part of its armed forces “ensure peace, security and well-being of people in Donbas” – more precisely, in its territories occupied by Russia. Russian Muslim leaders also blamed the “collective West” which “uses the situation in Ukraine for open aggression against Russia” (!!!). In addition, the signatories repeated all the delusions from Putin’s head about “Ukrainian nationalists” who for eight years “killed civilians” and “prepared for the complete destruction of the population of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics in order to then bring NATO with its nuclear and biological weapons directly to the borders Russia, creating a direct threat to the national security of all our citizens.” Therefore, in their opinion, under these conditions, Russia is simply forced to launch a “preemptive strike” on Ukraine, which would become a “legal and morally justified method of conducting defense policy” and thus “force the aggressor to peace” (!!!). All these provisions were approved by the participants of the meeting, based on the Koran and the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (!!!) – as well as the declaration of all Muslims as martyrs, as “they were killed with faith in Allah, fulfilling their duty to protect the Russian Federation” on the territory of Ukraine. Finally, Russian spiritual leaders called on all Russian Muslims to “more actively explain and defend their position and the interests of their homeland in communication with co-religionists from other countries” and “to fight back against all those who try to denigrate the feat of our brothers.”

The text of this statement – ​​written, apparently, in the ranks of the Russian authorities – was published on the website of the “Spiritual Administration of the Muslims of the Republic of Crimea” (DUMK)[10] From this organization, the “Deputy Mufti of Crimea” Esadullah Bairov took part in the event mentioned above, who complained to the authorities of Ukraine that in 2014 they “intimidated the Crimean Tatars with another deportation” (?!) – in response to which they “stood side by side with the Russians and prevented a mutiny, surprising everyone with their solidarity” (!). [11]

On the day of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the “Mufti of Crimea” Emirali Ablayev himself made a concise appeal to co-religionists and “compatriots” with a call to remain calm, not to panic, to follow “official” information and not to believe fake news spreading on social networks .[12]

Despite the “peaceful” and “neutral” position of the Crimean “mufti”, his compatriots will probably never forget how he quickly “repainted” after participating in pro-Ukrainian and pro-European mass events in 2013-2014 with the arrival of the Russian occupiers in Crimea and openly integrated into the “political” system they created – contrary to the expectations of their co-religionists, many of whom openly protested against the Russian occupation of Crimea, and who are now – not without the assistance of the leadership of the “DUMK” – being labeled “sectarians” before being sent to a Russian colony for terms that are not awarded even to serial killers, for differing from the “official” understanding and interpretation of Islam. Back in the fall of 2015, in a comment to the Ukrainian mass media, the chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, Refat Chubarov, stated that representatives of the Russian special services in Crimea are suspicious of all Crimean Tatars, while an additional criterion for suspicion is conscientious observance of the canons of faith. “If a person is a deep believer, then he is an extremist, a suicide bomber who poses a threat. For the FSB, the best Muslim is the one who prays during the day and drinks vodka in the evening,” he added.[13] Ablayev himself, like “DUMK” in general, according to representatives of the Crimean public, presents the interests of not Crimean Muslims to the occupying state, but of the occupying state to Muslims, even authorizing searches of mosques and arrests of believers.

By the hands of the “Deputy Mufti of Crimea” Bairov, the “DUMK” actually blessed the Muslims of Crimea to die for the interests of Russia in its war against Ukraine. Although even without that, the occupiers on the peninsula illegally conscript into their army representatives of the Muslim population, represented mostly by Crimean Tatars – whom the invaders are absolutely not sorry to “put to waste”, using in their propaganda activities in order to prove that the Crimean Tatars supposedly support Russia and are ready take up arms against Ukraine. For this reason, young Crimean Tatars are threatened with reprisals against their relatives and friends if they do not agree to become pawns on the bloody Russian chessboard. Today, the Crimean Tatars, together with other illegally mobilized Crimeans, are among the captured soldiers of the Russian armed forces on the territory of Ukraine – and with great probability we can assume that they are far from the instructions of Muslim theologians who promise paradise in case of death on the battlefield against our state. In this regard, the appeal of the Regional Council of Ukrainians of Crimea to forcibly mobilized Crimeans, regardless of their ethnic and religious affiliation, looks extremely rational: “If you were forced to join the ranks of the Russian army and sent to mainland Ukraine, surrender to the Armed Forces of Ukraine: this is how you will save your lives, health and honor. Remember: giving them up for the occupying power in wars against their own country is a shame for life and for the whole family!”[14]



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