VI All-Ukrainian festival-competition

Lesya’s word in the struggle for a new life


It has already become a tradition that every February the famous Crimean, and now all-Ukrainian, festival-competition of pupil and student art named after Maria Fischer-Slyzh “Let’s compete for a new life!”, Dedicated to Lesya Ukrainka, is held. Traditionally, the information partner for many years of this competition in the Crimea was the newspaper “Crimean Room”, and this tradition remains unchanged after the transfer of the competition and the newspaper to the mainland of Ukraine due to the occupation of our native peninsula. And the name of the competition in the current conditions acquires a symbolic meaning.

Here and this year, on February 22, participants, guests and numerous admirers of the poet’s work gathered at the MV Lysenko Poltava College of Arts for the VI All-Ukrainian (XVI All-Crimean) Festival-Competition. The event took place as part of the celebration of the 149th anniversary of the birth of the genius writer and preparations for the 150th anniversary of his birth, which will be celebrated next year. The main purpose of the festival-competition is to involve the younger generation in the preservation and development of the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people by studying the history of the native land, encouraging understanding of the state-building efforts of our people and its prospects.

This year’s festival-competition was initiated by the Dzherelo Cultural and Educational Society, the Steinbarg Gallery & Cafe Center for Contemporary Art, the Health of the Future International Charitable Foundation and the Burbak family with the assistance and support of the Institute of Modernization. content of education “, the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine, Trade Unions of Education and Science of Ukraine, Poltava Regional State Administration, Department of Culture and Tourism of Poltava Regional State Administration, Poltava City Council, Department of Culture, Youth and Sports of Poltava City Council, Shcherbanivka United Territorial Community, Chernivtsi National University. Yuri Fedkovych, Poltava College of Arts named after MVLysenko and with the participation of the Poltava Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education named after MV Ostrogradsky, Hadiach Museum of History and Local Lore, Regional Youth Center, volunteer group “Unity” (UMSA), the public movement “Studrespublika – Poltava” and other connoisseurs of children’s art. .

About 400 participants, 35 members of the jury, guests from Kyiv, Crimea, Chernivtsi, Lviv, Kremenchuk, representatives of regional, city and district authorities, public activists came to the action. The winners of the correspondence nominations “audiovisual work”, “research work”, “work”, “drawing” and open competitions in the nominations “recitation”, “vocal”, “staging”, “drawing” and awarding of reciters, vocalists, artists. Only from Poltava region 1500 applications were received for the competition. Pupils and students of Poltava, Gadyach, Khorol, Horishni Plavny, Globinsky, Novosanzharsky, Shishatsky and other districts were especially active.
In total, this pre-anniversary year gathered around 8,000 participants from Ukraine, Crimea, Italy, Norway, Moldova, Poland, Russia and even the United Arab Emirates!

The work of the contestants was evaluated by a professional jury, which included famous writers, poets, journalists, actors, teachers and scientists of Poltava and Ukraine. All contestants received certificates, thanks and memorable gifts. The award for the winners was a trip to the Hadiach Museum of History and Local Lore, where participants were told about the history of the region, prominent figures, whose life and work are associated with Hadiach.

The story and exposition, which recreates the history of the famous Drahomanov-Kosach family, was extremely interesting and informative for children. Lesya Ukrainka’s mother, Olena Pchilka, and her uncle Mykhailo Drahomanov were born in Gadyach. Among the exhibits are furniture from the living room of the Drahomanovs’ house and Lesya Ukrainka’s personal belongings (a collar embroidered by herself and a statuette “Egyptian” brought by the writer from Egypt). Pupils and students traditionally recited and sang near Lesya Ukrainka’s bust. On behalf of the competition and personally by the author Hanna Cherkasenko, the museum was presented with a competition work – a portrait of Lesya Ukrainka, made of plasticine according to the sketch of the Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukraine Hryhoriy Kysil.

Preserving the traditions of the student competition, the contest “Let’s compete for a new life!” travels to Lesya Ukrainka’s places of residence. Thus, on April 11, 2020 in the city of Chernivtsi, which is closely connected with the fate of two genius writers – Lesya Ukrainka and Olga Kobylyanska, the final stage of the festival-competition will take place – a big gala concert of the winners.
This competition, as well as each of its participants, does a great job – promotes Ukrainian culture and history, promotes deeper acquaintance and study of the heritage of the great Ukrainian poetess Lesya Ukrainka, and most importantly, given its Crimean “roots” – connects the occupied peninsula with other regions of Ukraine, thus approaching the time of his return.

Photo by Anatoly Kowalski

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The project was implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

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