II Ukrainian-Crimean Tatar festival "Crimean figs"

Fig Festival (festival)


The II Ukrainian-Crimean Tatar festival “Crimean Figs” took place in Kyiv.

For the second time on the initiative of the State Enterprise “Crimean House” there is a literary competition “Crimean Fig”, as well as a festival of the same name dedicated to Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar cultures.

In one year, the competition and the festival became noticeably larger. Compared to last year, the geography of the competition has also increased. The organizing committee received works not only from Ukraine and Turkey, but also from Poland, Bulgaria and Jordan. The total number of participants is one hundred and twenty-five people, which is also more than last year.

The nominations also changed: instead of “Women’s View”, the jury evaluated works for children. There were also special awards “For special contribution to the development of Crimean Tatar literature” and “Words of Freedom”.

The grand opening of the festival and the award ceremony took place in the Recording House of Ukrainian Radio on December 13. To congratulate the winners on the stage were invited film director Oleg Sentsov, producer and showman Igor Kondratyuk, former acting Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun, Deputy Permanent Representative of the President to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Tamila Tasheva, journalists Sevgil Musayeva and Vitaliy Portnikov.

Also at the opening of the festival was the premiere of a piano concerto with the orchestra of Crimean Tatar composer Usein Bekirov performed by the Borys Lyatoshynsky Classical Music Ensemble of the National House of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine (conductor – Igor Andrievsky, soloist – Olga Savaitan).

Thus, the winners of the II literary competition “Crimean Figs” were:

Prose in Ukrainian about the Crimea:
Jan Gul “Eyes of the carpet / Carpet gezlery”

Prose in the Crimean Tatar language:
Zera Bekirova “Dzheviz teregi ve gulidan chechegi”

Poetry in Ukrainian about Crimea:
Serhiy Sinoptyk “In what language to buy ice cream”, a selection of poems

Poetry in the Crimean Tatar language:
Seyran Ibraim “Kyrymym, azizim, bekleysin meni!”, A selection of poems

Children’s literature about Crimea:
Alime Kurkchi “Tilsymdzhi”

Translation of a work of art from Ukrainian into Crimean Tatar:
Seyare Kokche, translation of poems by Marianna Kianovska and Serhiy Zhadan

Translation of a work of art from Crimean Tatar into Ukrainian:
Vyacheslav Levitsky, translations of poems by Elmaz Bakhshish, Taira Kerima, Seyare Kokche and Maya Safet

Special nomination “Words of Freedom”:
Osman Arifmemetov and Server Mustafayev

Special nomination “Contribution to the development of Crimean Tatar literature”:
Shukri Appaz

It should be noted that the winners of the “Words of Freedom” nomination were Crimean Tatar political prisoners, who submitted competition works through their lawyers. Osman Arifmemetov is currently in compulsory treatment in a psychiatric clinic in occupied Simferopol, and Server Mustafayev is in a pre-trial detention center in Rostov-on-Don, as he is involved in the politically motivated Hizb ut-Tahrir case as a “terrorist”.

The festival itself deserves special attention, because this year it lasted for three days. During this time, many interesting and important discussions were held, such as “What kind of Crimea is written about in suchukrlit?”, “How does literature affect our perception of Crimea?”, “Words of freedom. Contemporary Crimean Tatar Poetry and Prose “,” War and Peace of Historical Narratives “, etc. All these discussions were aimed not only to resolve specific issues, but also to acquaint festival visitors with the problem of Crimean literature and the presence of Crimea in modern literary and cultural contexts.

However, the organizers did not limit themselves to the problematic issues of today. For example, a separate block was a program for children: reading fairy tales from the finalists of the Crimean Figs contest, master classes, presentations of a new story by Ivan Andrusyak and coloring books by Crimean Tatar master of ceramics Rustem Skybin.

Also, as last year, the works of the finalists and winners of the competition were read. These works will be included in the second anthology “Crimean Figs”, which will be published in 2020.
All events of the festival were broadcast live, so every Ukrainian – in the free or occupied territories – could join the fig festival.

And, joining the words of the organizers, we sincerely hope that the next “Crimean Fig” will be held in Bakhchisarai.

Photo by Lenyara Abibulaeva from the Crimean House Facebook page

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