Allied ships in Sevastopol
Allied ships in Sevastopol

Capture of Crimea by the Bolsheviks


The bureau of the Crimean regional committee of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) created by the Bolsheviks advanced towards Simferopol together with the troops of the Southern Front. It existed until it was able to unite with other members of the Crimean regional committee of the CP (B) U, who were in Simferopol, that is, before the capture of the city by the Bolsheviks.

Allied ships in Sevastopol
Allied ships in Sevastopol

On April 9, 1919, in Simferopol, power passed to the Military Revolutionary Committee. He appeared on April 7 from representatives of the regional and city committees of the Bolsheviks, two representatives from the Menshevik Party and one each from the Anarchists and the Armenian Dashnaktsutyun Party. On April 17, the following telegram was sent to the Central Committee of the RCP (B) and the Central Committee of the CP (B) U: “The Bureau of the Crimean Regional Committee has ceased its activities. Location of the regional committee – Simferopol. Secretary of the regional committee – Shulma n “.

Ali Bodaninsky, member of the Tatar-Muslim section of the Crimean regional committee of the RCP (b)
Ali Bodaninsky, member of the Tatar-Muslim section of the Crimean regional committee of the RCP (b)

According to an official statement sent to the center, on April 10, “ representatives of the Crimean Muslim Communist Party, represented by the Simferopol Committee, organized a rally of Muslim workers to clarify the future of the former Crimean Tatar Directory and its institutions. After a detailed discussion of the issue unanimously decided:
1). Cancel the existing Directory and all its institutions.

2). Establish a temporary commissariat for Muslim affairs, to which all property and affairs of the former national Directory will be transferred.
3). The following commissioners were elected to the commissariat: S. Memetov, A. Bodaninsky, V. Ibraimov, U. Ibraimov, D. Mambet Aji, S. Idrisov and M. Lemanov.
All these persons, with the exception of M. Lemanov, are members of the Crimean organization of the Communist-Muslim Party. S. Memetov was nominated by the board of the above-mentioned persons as the Commissioner for Muslim Affairs . “

On April 13, at a meeting of the Simferopol Revolutionary Committee, its presidium was elected consisting of three people: E. Bagaturyants (Laura), Mityaev and Ivanov. After hearing information about the adoption of the above resolution during the rally, the Revolutionary Committee approved it and recognized the proclaimed persons as the Committee on Muslim Affairs. However, a few days later the staff of this committee changed. On April 18, the Izvestia Military-Revolutionary Committee published the following message: “ On the initiative of the Crimean Tatar Party, a rally was held in the yard of the Tatar kindergarten, at which the Commissariat for Crimean-Muslim Affairs was elected. It included: S. Memetov, D. Besheveli, D. Mambet Aji, A. Bodaninsky, V. Ibraimov, S. Idrisov, M. Lemanov .

Veli Ibraimov, member of the Tatar-Muslim section of the Crimean regional committee of the RCP (b)
Veli Ibraimov, member of the Tatar-Muslim section of the Crimean regional committee of the RCP (b)

On April 23, the Provisional Commissariat was renamed the Tatar-Muslim section of the Crimean Regional Committee of the RCP (B). It consisted of: members – Minzokir Absalyamov, Selil Memetov, Yakub Khalikov, Ali Bodaninsky, Suleiman Idrisov, Dost Mambet Aji, Hairi Emirov, Jafer Ibraimov, Veli Ibraimov, Umer Ibraimov, Smail Mamutov, Memet Merimer; candidates for members – Seit Abduramanov, Osman Meinov.

On April 12, the 3rd Tavriya Regiment approached Sevastopol and took up positions on the outskirts of the city, near Inkerman. The news of the approach of Bolshevik troops caused a terrible panic. Local newspapers wrote: “ Something incredible was happening. Hired cars, crews, rulers. They paid crazy money to go and hide where the government went. They paid up to 10-12 thousand rubles for a car, 3-5 thousand rubles for a crew, and they drove, drove endlessly . “

Attempts by the Red Army to immediately occupy Sevastopol failed. According to his Yu Haven in response to the proposal of the Soviet command to surrender the city commander of Allied forces in the Crimea Trusson French colonel said: ” The city not release it without their high command orders and will defend by all means that are at his disposal, as considered Sevastopol the key to the Black Sea . “

Upon receiving word of the Entente’s resistance in Sevastopol, the Soviet of People’s Commissars insisted on the immediate occupation of Sevastopol. People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs G. Chicherin telegraphed the expediency of “instead of postponing the struggle immediately, not allowing the French to prepare, to throw the enemy out of Sevastopol.” Since the ships and troops of the Entente were in Sevastopol, Lenin, not wanting an open war, again, as in 1918, proposed to create an “independent” of the RSFSR buffer state – the Crimean Soviet Socialist Republic, on whose behalf military action would be carried out against troops of the Entente.

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