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Tetiana Bikova


List of author publications

  1. The policy of "military communism"
  2. Status of the Crimean Republic
  3. Involvement of Tatars in the state-building process
  4. Relations between military and civilian authorities
  5. Organization of power in the Crimean Soviet Republic (part three)
  6. Organization of power in the Crimean Soviet Republic (part two)
  7. Organization of power in the Crimean Soviet Republic (part one)
  8. Capture of Crimea by the Bolsheviks
  9. Activities of the Crimean Bolshevik organizations in late 1918 - early 1919
  10. Changing the attitude of the Crimean Tatars to the Bolsheviks
  11. Orientations of Jaffar Seydamet
  12. The first steps of the government of Suleiman Sulkevich
  13. The position of the Crimean Tatars on the future of Crimea
  14. Plans for the Crimea of ​​the German occupation administration
  15. Claims of the governments of Ukraine to the Crimea
  16. Bolshevik terror
  17. The situation in the Crimea on the eve of the occupation by German troops in 1918
  18. Formation of the Republic of Taurida
  19. "Brest theme" in the discussions of the Crimean Bolsheviks
  20. Confrontation between the Bolsheviks and the Crimean Tatars
  21. Convening the First Kurultai
  22. The struggle in the Crimea after the October coup
  23. Activities of Millie Firk's party
  24. Crimean Tatar movement after the overthrow of the autocracy
  25. Development of the national liberation movement of the Crimean Tatars
  26. The last wave of detatization of Crimea
  27. Religious and cultural policy of tsarism
  28. Resettlement policy of tsarism
  29. The second wave of emigration of Crimean Tatars
  30. The first wave of emigration of Crimean Tatars
  31. Liquidation of the Crimean Khanate

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