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Sergii Konashevich


List of author publications

  1. "Guardianship of believers outside the country": activities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate abroad
  2. The position of the Catholic Church regarding the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine
  3. The fate of the Crimean Exarchate of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church after the Russian occupation of the Crimean peninsula
  4. "Gesture of goodwill": the case with the Catholic church in Sevastopol before and after the Russian occupation
  5. "Love of enemies does not mean supporting their actions": life of the Roman Catholic Church in the occupied Crimea
  6. "Defender of Crimea from Ukrainian Nazism": Bishop Kalinik of the Bakhchisarai UOC MP
  7. "Occupational "revision" of Ukrainian symbols in Crimea"
  8. Activities of the Secretary of the Simferopol and Crimean Diocese of the UOC Oleksandr Yakushechkin in the national interests of the Russian Federation
  9. "Entry into eternity through Russian history" by Bishop Nestor of Yalta UOC MP
  10. Embroidered life of "Crimean Poltava" Vira Roik
  11. What do the towers of the Genoese fortress tell about
  12. History and fate of monuments to Shevchenko in the Crimea
  13. Yevhen Adamtsevych: kobzar who rested in the Crimean land
  14. Forgotten names: Irinarkh Shchogoliv
  15. Ukrainian voice of Crimea. Sevastopol 1917-1920
  16. Ukrainian voice of Crimea: Kerch, Simferopol, Feodosia, Yalta 1917-1920
  17. LEVKO MATSIEVYCH: the builder of Ukrainian Sevastopol is 140 years old
  18. Ivan Piddubny: how the memory of the "Russian hero" tortured for "Ukrainian nationalism" is honored in Crimea
  19. Pages of the history of Crimea in Georgian script
  20. Lomykamin in the literal sense: the fate of the Crimean museum of Lesya Ukrainka
  21. History and legend of Oreanda from the Crimean researcher and Czech poet
  22. Samokish or Samokisha: return of the real name
  23. "Non-canonical" chapel on the probable site of the palace, or "Bermuda Triangle" in the middle of Simferopol

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